Harlem Township Days Displays

August 20 - 21, 2011

Harlem Township Days 2011, Displays

In-building displays were set up in the Community Room of the Firehouse and in the Maintenance Building on Rich Drive.

In the Community Room, the museum put in last year by Diane Kabler was still in place for people to look at as were the wall displays of township pictures put up by Phyllis Davidson. What was different was the floor area.

Diana Robertson put up her Salute to the Armed Forces display of military uniforms going back to World War II in the middle of the room with a large American flag above them and white columns and a memorial wreath at one end. It was a very dramatic display.

The Harlem Garden Club placed their flower show, Highlights of Harlem, on both sides of the uniform display. The flower show was not judged by an accredited OGCA judge this year; those who won prizes were selected by the show viewers. Diana Daily won three of the five Viewer's Choice awards: Most Artistic Design, I Liked This Best, and Color Harmony. Eloise Collier won the Most Interpretive of Class and Diane Kabler won the Most Unusual Container. Flower show winners received "Presidential Dollars" as their prize.

Vicki Tieche used the large front table of the room for a display of Civil War Memories. The focal point of the display was excerpts of 73 letters written home to Center Village by our boys in blue. The complete letters and other items that were in the display are available in the most recent township booklet, Civil War Memories ($10.00).

In the Maintenance Building, Ed Miller of the Delaware Soil and Water Conservation District once again had a very well put together display with lots of information for those interested in water quality. Sandy Wicker from the Delaware County Historical Society also had an attractive display of memorabilia and working coffee and corn grinders. She had corn available for children to grind to make their own birdfood.

Diana Robertson and the Harlem Road United Methodist Church had an original Jessie Hawley oil painting on display that had been given to the church as well as the pulpit from the old church along with several other items. Joni Manson and Dave Synder had displays of archaeological sites and historic buildings in the township. Phyllis Davidson put in a display of roads and transportation in the township. John Kopec had a display of pioneer gardens (The Three Sisters) with a gorgeous tray of vegetables grown in the Kopec garden. Vicki Tieche put in displays of township cemeteries, original land grants, township military, what lives in our creeks, geology of the township, invasive plant species, Ohio's whitetails, and the "Big Tree Contest" information from 2010.

At the front of the maintenance building Vicki Tieche and Diana Robertson had a display promoting projects to be undertaken for next year; a directory of 20th century township members and an historic homes and buildings directory. Information on who was important in each township was included in the 1880 County History. In 1910, an updated directory of county residents was done. But nothing’s been done since, so there is no record of who lived in the township, who farmed, who had stores in Center Village and Harlem, etc. during most of the 20th century. It's hoped the directory planned for next year will correct that oversight. And, there's never been a listing made of which houses are old houses, who built them, and who's lived there since. Hopefully, a lot of that information will be accumulated by next year. Watch for news items on these projects.

The new Community Activities Committee used the concession stand in the park for their base of operations. Joni Manson was in charge of the booth and the sales of the attractive Harlem Township T-shirts and pins and buttons from last year. The committee also had large signs with information about the celebration and about the committee beside the booth and at the park entrance from 605.

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