Harlem Township Days Entertainment

August 20 - 21, 2011

Harlem Township Days 2011, Entertainment

The entertainers on both days were all well received. Matt Jergens, the comic juggler who performed several times over the two days, was probably the favorite of everyone attending. Matt joined in the parade on Saturday as a stilt-walker, then entertained in the main tent. He followed that with unicycling around the grounds and a second main tent performance on Saturday. He also performed in the main tent once on Sunday. All performances were excellent and exciting.

The Rosecrans Unit had presentations on the hour at their camp on the far side of the park both days and were gracious enough to allow us to move the performance of Steve Ball, Civil War guitarist and historian, to the main tent. Steve's performance of Civil War songs with explanations as to their origins or intent was educational and excellent.

The Delaware County Sheriff K-9 unit put on a performance under the tree near the main tent on both days. It was interesting to see that the dog could be friendly and playful as well as serious and intent on the business at hand.

Christina Barth brought her OH-Y.E.S.S., Ohio Youth Entertainers Stage Show, from Newark for a performance. The kids, aged 9-14, were excellent performers and delighted the audience with singing, slapstick, and jokes – some involving audience participation.

A couple members of Southwynd were pulled from the audience for the OH-Y.E.S.S. skits and proved themselves to be very good sports. Southwynd, an 80's style, five piece garage band, went on to give another excellent performance for the second year in a row.

The Miller-Kelton Folk Rock Band proved to be lifesavers for the event organizers. When one of the scheduled entertainers cancelled three days before the event, Miller-Kelton agreed to do a second performance with an hour break in between the performances. Miller-Kelton played 60's type music as the day wore down.

Unfortunately, only a few people were still around when John Wargowsky from Delaware was ready to lead everyone in square, line, and folk dancing. Those who were still at the main tent really enjoyed his expert coaching and the chance to work the kinks out from sitting and minding displays all day. There were only enough for one square dance set and there were giggles and squeals from the floor as "newbies" learned what square dancing was all about.

Once again Boy Scout Troop 347 closed out Saturday night with their moving official flag retirement ceremony.

Sunday started with the pancake breakfast put on by Chris Cakes. The breakfast was followed once again by a church service in the main tent led by Pastor Bud Leskovac of the Harlem Road United Methodist Church. The church service had a very good crowd attending and there were lots of conversations and greetings on the track beside the main tent as the crowd dispersed.

The Keller Brothers from Elyria, grandsons of 1946 Harlem High graduate, Patsy Dell, sang selections of opera, some patriotic selections, and a few popular pieces. The boys, aged 16 to 22, had excellent voices and were joined on a couple pieces by their parents, including Lollipop which was light and very entertaining with a good "POP".

Gospel singer, Sheldon Mencer, sponsored by the Harlem Church of Christ in Christian Union was the last performer of the two day celebration. Sheldon was very charismatic and sang a number of older, more traditional religious selections that were sort of like old friends to a number of those in the audience.

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