Center Village Cemetery

In 1935 when the WPA mapped this cemetery there were about 180 graves. In 2010, only about 100 stones were in place. Vicki Tieche has been doing some repair and restoration work in this cemetery and has found several buried stones and pieces that match with others. A puzzle has been the discovery of four IS stones in various places in the cemetery. The best thought is that IS indicated an internment site before a permanent stone was erected. Missing in the cemetery are the stones and burial locations of Civil War veterans Peter C. Carr and Washington Williams.

An exhaustive search was done for Peter Carr’s stone (requested by his grand-daughter in Pennsylvania). The Carr-Hartrum family plots were along the east side of the cemetery towards the rear. Also in this section is the large maple tree that as it’s grown has knocked over several stones including a large monument with a military eagle on it. Because there was a high probability that the monument was the Carr’s stone, it was repaired and put back up in a section of the cemetery that had no burials. Small stones were cut for Peter C. Carr, his wife Pelia Ann Hartrum Carr, and the other missing Civil War burial, Washington Williams. This memorial is pictured at the beginning of this cemetery section. This cemetery has the highest concentration of Civil War burials of any in the township.