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Fancher Cemetery, with its divisions (Maple Grove and Barnhard) and Hunt Cemetery (Center Village and Green Cook) are most active in terms of burials. Center Village, Harlem and Snipe (Green Cook and Fancher) Cemeteries make up the balance. The Barnhard Section of Fancher (recently acquired by the Township) is now ready for burial activity.

Grave site rates for 2024 are $600.00 for Resident, $1100.00 for Non-Resident. Opening and closing rates are: 

Urn: $300 (Mon-Fri), $450 (Sat, Sun & Holidays).
Full Burial: $700 (Mon-Fri), $1100 (Sat, Sun & Holidays).

Headstone footer rates are $1.25 per square inch with a minimum of $500, and are poured within 30 days after April 15 and within 30 days after October 15th. All prices are set annually and are subject to change.

Trustee Jon Trainer is the primary contacts for the cemeteries. The office number is 740-965-2661 x3, after hours 470-909-2443 or email at jtrainer@harlemtwp.com.

For more information about the cemeteries, visit the Cemetery History page.

New Rules for all Harlem Township Cemeteries, effective March 1, 2024

Comments made by visitors to our cemeteries have led us to implement new rules for decorations and upkeep. These new rules will go into effect April 1st this year.

  1. Only annual flowers are permitted on gravesites and should be planted not further than 12” (twelve inches) from the headstone.
  2. Woody stemmed perennials, shrubs, and/or trees are prohibited.
  3. Artificial floral arrangements, wreaths, and/or grave blankets are permitted.
  4. Decorative ornaments, pavers, solar lights, edging stones, and/or gravel are prohibited.
  5. On or about April 1st and October 1st of each year, township personnel will be cleaning the cemeteries. Trustees reserve the right to remove any item deemed objectionable. If you wish to retain any items listed in 3), please remove them prior to these dates.
  6. All pets brought into the cemetery must be kept on a leash per ORC section 955.22.