Civic Association

Harlem Township Civic Association, Inc. is a 501 C 4 non-profit organization started March 7, 1989. Its purpose is, "to establish the lines of communication throughout the Harlem Township area and establish a forum for the expression of a variety of community needs and interests." HTCA works in conjunction with other community groups (governmental, religious, historic) as well as independently with membership voted consent.

Membership is open to Harlem Township resident households, property owners, and interested parties. Membership costs $10.00 per household per year running July 1 through June 30. This fee entitles the member household to quarterly newsletters (electronic or paper), email alerts on important issues or meetings, and a vote on Association action. Meetings on a variety of topics are open to the public as are HTCA sponsored annual events like the Spring Roadside Clean Up, Potluck Picnic, and Fall Candidate’s Night.

HTCA has several active standing committees. Harlem Township Helping Hands works throughout the year to aid those in need of assistance within our community with food, school supplies, children’s clothes and shoes, and other emergency assistance. The Tree Planting Committee continues to provide trees at cost and volunteer planting service to beautify our township roadways or be a memorial in the Township Park. HTCA Local Government and Land Use Committees keep us informed on township trustee and Zoning Commission action.

For more information or questions contact:

Diane Kabler, HTCA President
John and Bonnie Kopec, Membership Chairpersons, 740-965-3411