Meet Our Full Timers

Lieutenant Ray Thrash

Lt. Ray Thrash, being raised in Harlem Township, joined the Harlem Township Division of Fire in 1986. When he joined the department, Harlem Fire Department was still operating as a volunteer department. In 2005 he was promoted to Lieutenant under the command of Chief Dale Fling, and with the passing of their levy in 2007, Lt. Thrash was hired as the full time Lieutenant assigned to 2 Unit. 

Lieutenant Thrash is a second generation member of the department where both his mother and father were actively involved. Lt. Thrash has lived in Harlem Township since 1970, graduated from Johnstown Monroe High School and still resides at his family's home.

Lieutenant Paul Cade

With long standing family history in Harlem Township, Paul Cade started his career as a Firefighter in November of 2005 after the completion of the Public Safety program at DACC in Fire and EMT certified through the State of Ohio. Lt. Cade served as a part-time employee for over 13 years. In October of 2018 Lt. Cade was hired as a full-time firefighter paramedic for Harlem Township Division of Fire.

Lt. Cade is currently the Lieutenant on 1 unit.

Lt. Cade is a second-generation firefighter for Harlem Township. Lt. Cade’s grandfather was one of the founding members and was with the fire department from 1974-1991 and left the department as a lieutenant. Lt. Cade enjoys working at Harlem Township because, “My family has been a part of this community for decades. I now get to give back to the community that myself and my family have been a part of.”

Lieutenant Sam Broska

Firefighter/Paramedic Louis Mittelman

Firefighter Louis Mittleman joined the fire service in 2009 and obtained his Paramedic certification in 2011.   Firefighter Mittelman joined Harlem Township Division of Fire in July of 2019.  Prior to being hired at Harlem Township, Firefighter Mittelman worked at Liberty Township Fire Department, Hebron Fire Department and Truro Township Fire Department. 

Firefighter Mittleman is currently assigned as Firefighter in-charge (FFIC) to 3 unit and is actively working towards obtaining his bachelor’s degree in Fire Science and Emergency Management through Purdue University. 

Firefighter Mittelman graduated from Dublin Coffman High School in 2007 and he currently resides with his wife and three kids in Columbus, Ohio.
In his spare time, he enjoys coaching youth baseball and working with Boy Scout troop 200. 

Firefighter/Paramedic Ian Seum 

Ian Seum was hired onto the Harlem Township Division of Fire in August 2022. He is a fulltime firefighter, assigned to 1 Unit. Firefighter Seum began his firefighting training in high school, and by the time he graduated, was a certified firefighter and EMT-Basic in the state of Ohio. Firefighter Seum enrolled in paramedic school shortly after graduation, and became a nationally registered paramedic in 2021.

Firefighter Seum worked part-time at a department near Dayton prior to joining Harlem Township Division of Fire.

Firefighter Seum enjoys working in Harlem Township because, “I have family and friend ties to Harlem Township, and love serving a community where everyone is treated like family.”

Firefighter/Paramedic Jake Wayt

Jake Wayt joined Harlem Township Division of Fire as a part-time employee in March of 2020 and was hired as a full-time 3 unit employee in January of 2023.  Jake achieved his firefighter and EMT certifications in 2019 and his Paramedic certification in 2021.  During that time he also worked part-time at Madison Township Fire Department and full-time at Franklin Township Fire Department, both in Franklin County. 

Jake spent the majority of his life growing up in Westerville, so working in Harlem Township is a natural fit. 

Jake is married and in his free time volunteers at the Mt. Gilead Fire Department where he serves as a Lieutenant.  

Another passion of Jake's since he was a toddler is farming. He grew up helping on the family farm and since 2016 has owned and operated his own farm business.