Engine-451: E-451 is a HME manufactured in 1997. The          E-451
    engine can seat 4 firefighters. The engine holds
    750 gallons of water in the tank. The hose bed on 
    the top of the truck holds 1000 feet of 5-inch
    supply line, as well as 300 feet of 3 inch. The cross-
    lays hold 2 sections of 200 foot 1 ¾ inch attack 
    line, as well as a 2 ½ inch attack line. The engine is 
    equipped with rescue tools, as well as structural 
    firefighting tools.

    Quint-451: Q451 is a Sutphen manufactured in 2010.               Q-451
    The Quint can seat 4 firefighters. It has a 475-
    gallon tank for water and 25-gallon tank for foam, 
    and the hose bed under the ladder holds 1000 
    feet of 5 inch. The cross-lays hold two 200 foot 1 
    ¾ inch attack lines, as well as a 200 foot 2 ½ inch
    attack line. There is also 100 feet of 1 ½ inch line 
    on the front of the truck that is used as a trash 
    line. The quint has primarily structural firefighting 
    equipment, but also houses rescue tools.

    Grass-451: G-451 is a Ford F-350 manufactured in 2000.    G-451-1
    The grass truck can seat 2 firefighters. It has a 
    100-gallon water tank, as well as a wide array of 
    grass-firefighting tools.

    Tanker-451: T-451 is an International manufactured in  Tanker 4511998.
    It has a 1500-gallon tank. This tanker is 
    mostly used for water supply in areas where 
    hydrants are not easily accessible. 

    Medic-451: M-451 is a Chevy/Horton that was    M-451
    manufactured in 2021. Harlem Township took 
    delivery of it in 2022. It is currently the second 
    newest piece of equipment Harlem Township has. 
    It serves as the main medic unit, and is equipped 
    with ALS-life saving equipment.

    Cheif-450: C-450 is a Chevy Tahoe that was            C-450
    manufactured in 2015. It currently is used by the 
    chief of Harlem Township Division of Fire. The 
    Chief’s vehicle is used as a command vehicle at 


    Utility-451: U-451 is a Chevy Silverado 1500 that was U-451
    manufactured in 2022. This vehicle is currently the
    newest vehicle in Harlem Township’s fleet. It is 
    used for various things, and can seat 5 firefighters.