Maintenance & Roads





For Immediate Release: Tuesday, November 28, 2023

The Delaware County Engineer’s Office closed Green Cook  Road between Fancher Road and Walnut Street in Harlem Township for a bridge replacement on 10/4/23 and due to utility delays will now open on 12-22-23.

Please contact our office for any questions 740-833-2400.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Barbara Judson
Delaware County Engineers Office

Winter Weather Reminder

Each Year the Harlem Township Maintenance Department plans on making every effort to keep hazardous road conditions as safe as possible for the travel of our community during times of snow and ice.

Maintenance Supervisor, Bart Walker, recommends that all residents check their mail box posts to make sure they’re not damaged or weakened. He and Otis have never hit a mailbox, but the weight of the snow thrown up by the plow can knock mailboxes down if they are not in the best condition. Bart and Otis also take care of plowing the drives around the firehouse and park and plow the drives in Fancher and Maple Grove Cemeteries.

Please check our Harlem Township Government Facebook page for latest snow emergency and travel information.

For more information contact
Bart Walker, Maintenance Supervisor
(740)965-2661 X5