Harlem Community Park

A big thank you to Jerry Paul (Trustee), Dave Snyder (Parks), Ed Valeska (Parks) and Tom Nied (Zoning) for all their hard work!

Harlem Township and the Parks Committee has worked hard to complete an amazing park for our residents.

The climbing station is designed for children to explore, imagine, and play.  The saucer swing provides a feeling of floating on a cloud and is designed to include younger children and those with developmental disabilities with appropriate supervision. Let's not forget the fitness trail and all the activities it provides for residents of all ages. 

This initiative was started by a generous donation and matched by private contributions plus funding authorized by the Township Trustees.  With help from a crew of volunteers, we assembled and installed a set of swings and a multi-purpose play center where kids can climb, swing, explore, imagine, balance, and slide.  

We feel this park will allow for more residents to safely stay active, increase access for those with development disabilities, and offer an experience full of exploration, exercise, imagination, creativity, and learning.

The Parks Committee has also obtained a grant through Natureworks, a State funded grant program, to help with playground upgrade costs.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or recommendations, we would like to hear from you. Contact: Dave Snyder at 614-323-2431.

Please be mindful to dispose of pet waste and keep your pets on a leash at all time while at the park.

Park is open 6:00 am until 11:00 pm

Harlem School Memorial  Park 6  Park 2