Fancher Cemetery

Fancher Cemetery, on the north side of Fancher Road, has three sections in the older portion and the new Barnhard Addition on the east side. The oldest section of Fancher Cemetery is at the top of the hill near Fancher Road. Fancher Cemetery contains the graves of the township’s first settlers, Benajah and Cassandra Cook, and four or five Revolutionary War veterans.

For a while the graves of War of 1812 veteran, Samuel Erwin, and Civil War veteran, Henry Robbins were missing. In 2014 Vicki Tieche supervised a Boy Scout Eagle project to find the four missing military burials in the township cemeteries. Using the old maps and records from 1947 and a lot of careful looking (and some shaving cream), we were able to identify two badly weathered stones as those of the two missing veterans in Fancher Cemetery – and for Samuel Erwin, his wife, and for Henry Robbins, his siblings. New pillow stones were cut and put in place beside the existing old stones so these burials are now easily found.