Comprehensive Master Plan

The Harlem Township Trustees appointed a Steering Committee in the Fall of 2019 to update the Township’s Comprehensive Plan (originally adopted in 2008) and contracted with the Delaware County Regional Planning Commission to facilitate the work of the Steering Committee. 

The Steering Committee held regular public meetings to work on the revision from December 2019 through May 2021. The Steering Committee developed and submitted a Proposed Comprehensive Master Plan to the Harlem Township Zoning Commission (HTZC) for adoption.  

The HTZC approved the Proposed Comprehensive Master Plan at its September 13, 2021 meeting, and submitted the document to the Harlem Township Board of Trustees and was approved on December 15, 2021.

To view the Approved 2020-2021 Comprehensive Master Plan, click on the following link:  

Harlem Township Comprehensive Plan 2020

Approved 2023 Amended section Appendix G

Quick Strategy Guide Appendix G Comprehensive Plan 2023