Public Records Policy

Harlem Township has a public records policy adopted pursuant to O.R.C. § 149.43. Records and Public Records are defined respectively in R.C. §§ 149.011 (G) and 149.43 (A) (1) 

Harlem Township Public Records are available Monday through Friday, by appointment only, excluding legal holidays. For assistance in reviewing public records and/or obtaining copies of public records please contact the Fiscal Officer at Harlem Township (740) 965-2661 or email at to request records. 

  1. Public records will be promptly prepared and made available in a reasonable period of time. It normally takes 5 to 7 business days to process requests. Feel free to call our office during business hours if you have questions regarding this process. 
  2. If the report or communication from the office has not been received within seven business days, please call during normal office hours to confirm the request was received. 
Fee schedule for records request(s).

• Letter or Legal Sized Paper Copy (Single Side) Page $0.10
• Letter or Legal Sized Paper Copy (Double Side) Two-Sided Page $0.10
• Certified Paper Copy Page $2.00 + copy charge(s)
• Email Documents Various Forms See Cost Per Unit Above 

A. The above fee schedule shall be clearly posted and visible to the public. 
B. Full payment is required before any copies are released to the requester. 
C. As a result of security issues and to preserve the integrity of Harlem Township’s computer systems, the Board and/or Harlem Township will not accept blank media supplied by the requesting party. 
D. The Board and/or Harlem Township shall notify the requesting party in advance in writing via email any cost of labor or materials in situations where an outside vendor be hired to fulfill the request(s). 
E. The Board and/or Harlem Township will charge the actual costs of postage and mailing supplies when requesting party requires the public records be transmitted via the United States Postal Service or any type of priority mail service. 

The Board of Trustees and Fiscal Officer