Harlem Township Heritage, Inc. is a Harlem Township community organization, which has grown out of its origins in the township's Bicentennial in 2010 when it began as the organizing group for Bicentennial activities. Since the Bicentennial, the group has continued to provide events in Harlem Township. Harlem Township Heritage was approved as a 501(c)(3) non profit organization in April, 2014.

At the October meeting 2016, officers were elected for 2017. They are: Ken Buell Chairman, Amber Mitchell Vice Chairman, Joni Manson Secretary, Tom Nied Treasurer, and Dave Snyder Member Representative to the HTH Board of Trustees. Harlem Township Heritage (HTH) meets on the third Thursday of the month. Community activities which HTH sponsors / puts on include Harlem Township Days in August, chicken noodle dinners at the Grange Hall, Duncan’s Run Bicycle Ride, December carriage rides, July 4th parade township entry, and ... (come up with a new idea, suggest it – it might happen). HTH also promotes and engages in historical projects including buying and placing military flagholders in the township cemeteries, repairing gravestones, and raising money for historical and other markers in the township. Think about joining us! We are always looking for new ideas and ways to provide activities and events of interest to members of our township. To keep up to date with HTH activities, visit the HTH website - which also has links to the HTH Facebook and other online pages.

On the HTH Calendar for 2017:

April 28 – Chicken Noodle Dinner, Grange Hall 4-7 p.m.
April 29 – Ohio Chapter, Association for Gravestone Studies, Grange Hall, meeting and presentations 10am-noon; lunch (details not firm), cemetery tour Harlem Cemetery 1pm; tour old section of Fancher Cemetery 2 p.m.
May 13 – Pancake Breakfast 8:30-11 a.m., Grange Hall 
June 10 – Harlem High School (and friends) Alumni Banquet (assisted by HTH)
July 4 – Float in Sunbury July 4 Parade
July 8 – Duncan’s Run Bike Ride, John Beltz Retreat, Harlem Rd.
August 19 & 20 – Harlem Township Days, Community Park
Sept 22 – Chicken Noodle Dinner, Grange Hall 4-7 p.m.
October 27 – Chicken Noodle Dinner, Grange Hall 4-7 p.m.
November 16 – Historical Meeting, Community Room, 7 p.m., open to the public
November 25 – Tentative – put up Ice Rink and Decorate park for winter
December 9 or 16 – Winter in the Park
Unscheduled but hoped for in the fall – dedication ceremony for Ohio Historical Marker honoring Richard W. Thompson, Revolutionary War Fife Major and Drum Major who was "with Washington all the way". Fancher Cemetery


Anyone who would like to purchase a brick or paver to be added to the school memorial can do so. Four inch by eight inch (4" x 8") engraved bricks with three lines of print up to twenty characters (AND spaces) per line can be purchased for $50.00. Eight inch by eight inch (8" x 8") pavers with up to seven lines of print of up to twenty characters and/or spaces per line can be purchased for $100.00. An order will be placed at the end of June, 2017 so additions will be in place before Harlem Township Days in August.

If you are interested in purchasing an engraved brick or paver, you can download the brick form by clicking here, and the paver form by clicking here. If you have questions about this project, please contact Vicki Tieche at 740-965-4535 or email Vicki.