Strategic Planning Committee Year in Review

Strategic Planning Committee Year in Review


Dear Harlem Township residents,

First of all, the Strategic Planning Committee THANKS our residents for their effort and support throughout 2023.  It has been a busy year.  The input and engagement from the community has been terrific. 

We kicked off the year with 10 informational meetings at the community room where over 400 people attended.  These meetings were the launch of the Quick Strategy Guide for Harlem Township as an addendum to the long-term comprehensive plan that was adopted in November 2021.  The Committee immediately started work on developing plans for the zoning overlay districts concepts spelled out in the Guide.  Working in conjunction with the Zoning Commission and then the Trustees, we were able to drive the adoption of three new zoning overlay districts in the township.

Beyond the zoning activity, our sub-committees worked on topics such as developer engagement, infrastructure, and general communication.  Through the year we were able to accumulate over 500 resident email addresses, which now allows us to communicate on a timely, frequent basis to keep you appraised of Township developments. We will continue to gather email addresses at every opportunity to build a more comprehensive list.  In total, over 20 SPC working meetings were held during the course of the year.

Our work is far from complete, and we will begin planning for our 2024 strategy at our next meeting on March 5th in the Community Room at the firehouse (3883 S. State Route 605, Galena, Ohio, 43021) at 6:30pm.  We have a combination of old and new topics to review at this meeting.  This meeting would be a good opportunity for residents to attend and see what is happening and potentially find a way to join in on the numerous activities.  The meeting will also be broadcast via Zoom.  Check the township calendar for a link to the Zoom session.

Again, thanks to all of the township for the help provided this past year!! We look forward to working with you in 2024!

We wish everyone a Safe and Happy Holiday Season,


 The Harlem Township Strategic Planning Committee

Carl Richison, as representative of the Harlem Township Board of Trustees

Mike Cannon, Harlem Township Director of Zoning and Development

Tom Nied, as representative of the Harlem Township Zoning Commission

Jim Steelesmith, as representative of the Harlem Township Board of Zoning Appeals

Steve Eisenbrown, as at large representative of Harlem Township residents

Bruce McClary, as at large representative of Harlem Township residents

Molly Snodgrass, as at large representative of Harlem Township residents

Holly Mattei, Crossroads Community Planning, LLC

As a reminder, if you have not joined our email list it is as simple as sending an email to requesting to be added.  Please use "subscribe" as the email subject and provide your mailing address as well.