Updates on FEMA and SBA Disaster Assistance in Delaware County 5/20/2024

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The US Small Business Administration requesting we please share it with our partners. SBA will be conducting a virtual disaster relief webinar next Wednesday, 22 MAY 2024 at noon via Zoom. Details are in the flyer which I will be sharing on social media as well. If you know of a business that was impacted that may benefit from this webinar, please share the information. Thank you and have a great weekend.


Scott E. Stewart

Disaster Relief Webinar

FEMA & SBA Disaster Assistance SITREP 

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FEMA teams continue to canvass impacted areas in Delaware County, engaging with residents affected by the March 14th tornado. As of this morning, the number of residents applying for FEMA assistance continues to increase, a good sign that the word is getting out and our residents are taking advantage of the available aid.

Representatives from DCOHSEM, Ohio EMA, FEMA, and the Small Business Administration will address the Delaware County Commissioners at session on Monday, March 20th at 09:30 to further discuss disaster relief assistance available to residents and business owners impacted by the March 14 tornado.

Ohio EMA reminds residents having issues with their insurance provider with submitted claims to contact the Ohio Department of Insurance at 800-686-1526 and/or complete this complaint form. This will allow the Ohio Department of Insurance to look into the situation on their behalf.

FEMA provided a news release, Understanding Your FEMA Letter, to assist residents with interpreting the FEMA application status letter they will receive, and any necessary next steps. I have attached a copy for your viewing and distribution. To apply for FEMA Disaster Assistance or for all questions regarding claims or the status letter direct residents to call the FEMA Helpline: 800-621-3362.

FEMA has also been sharing graphics for our use on social media. Please feel free to share our posts on your social media pages (and we encourage you to do so) to help us reach more residents about the assistance available and what they can expect during the process.

A reminder that the Small Business Administration is another option for assistance in the form of low-interest loans to assist renters, homeowners, businesses, and non-profits impacted by the tornado. The registration process is separate from that of FEMA; applications for disaster loans may be submitted online at https://lending.sba.gov and any questions about this program should be directed to the SBA Customer Service Center at 1-800-659-2955.

We will continue to share information as we receive it throughout this process. Have a great evening!


Alex McCarthy

FEMA - Understanding Your FEMA letter 
FEMA - Understanding Your FEMA Letter - Spanish Version  

Updates on FEMA and SBA Disaster Assistance in Delaware County

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No significant updates today regarding FEMA activities across Delaware County. They do have Disaster Survivor Assistance teams canvassing parts of the County. As of this morning, FEMA reports that there have been 100 applicants so far from Delaware County. We have attached to this situation report two news releases from FEMA:

Beware of Disaster Fraud

FEMA will send inspectors to homes that have submitted claims to verify the details
These inspectors will have badges and will not be charging anything
Sometimes scammers will open a claim for a property they do not own; if a legitimate inspector shows up at a property for which the owner did not open a claim, that owner should tell the inspector that they did not apply for assistance and have the inspector put in a request to stop the application
If a homeowner/businessowner receives a letter from FEMA but did not apply for assistance, they should call the FEMA Helpline at 1-800-621-3362
When a FEMA inspector arrives at a home, we always encourage the homeowner to ask to see an ID to very the legitimacy of the inspector
Residents can always call the FEMA Helpline at 1-800-621-3362 to verify the legitimacy of an inspector
What Kind of Assistance can FEMA Provide

FEMA assistance for this disaster is separated into two categories; “housing assistance” and “other needs assistance”
Housing Assistance can include money to help with expenses such as rental assistance, lodging expense reimbursement, home repair or replacement, accessibility needs, or privately owned roads, bridges, or docks
Other Needs Assistance can include money to help with necessary expenses such as food, water, prescriptions and other serious needs, displacement, personal property, medical/dental, child care, miscellaneous items, transportation, moving and storage expenses, group flood insurance policy, and cleaning/sanitizing
To apply for FEMA disaster assistance, people can go online at DisasterAssistance.gov, download the FEMA App for mobile devices, or call toll-free 800-621-3362. If people use a relay service, such as video relay (VRS), captioned telephone or other service, give FEMA the number for that service.

 For an accessible video on how to apply for assistance go to, https://youtu.be/HhtlyTX49RE  


Alex McCarthy

Beware of Disaster Fraud

What Kind of Assistance can FEMA Provide

Updates on FEMA and SBA Disaster Assistance in Delaware County

Good evening everyone,

Following the Federal Disaster Declaration that was issued for Delaware County for the March 14th tornado, the will be FEMA and Small Business Administration (SBA) teams on the ground this week. Both FEMA and the SBA have separate disaster assistance programs and they are encouraging anyone impacted by the tornado to reach out and submit a claim. Once claims are submitted, they will determine which are eligible and which are not.

 FEMA Assistance Updates

Those impacted homeowners or businessowners can start a claim now by calling FEMA at 800-621-3362 (This is also a hotline that can answer residential questions about FEMA’s assistance)
Impacted homeowners and businessowners can also start a claim online by going to https://disasterassistance.gov
Starting tomorrow (5/14) FEMA will be deploying Disaster Survivor Assistance Teams to canvas areas of Delaware County along the tornado’s path to check in with residents and provide information on FEMA’s assistance (I have attached a news release on this)
FEMA also has inspectors going out into the field to inspect properties that have already submitted claims
People can submit a claim anytime until July 2nd, so there is plenty of time
Small Business Administration Assistance Updates

The SBA can offer low-interest loans to assist with renters, homeowners, businesses, and non-profits impacted by the tornado on March 14th
The registration process is separate from that of FEMA; applications for disaster loans may be submitted online at https://lending.sba.gov and folks can call their Customer Service Center at 1-800-659-2955 with any questions
I have attached information to this email regarding SBA programming as well

As the week goes on, we will be sharing a lot more information with everyone; please help us share this with the public. Thanks!


Alex McCarthy

FEMA Disaster News Release 2024

FEMA SBA Assistance Fact Sheet 2024

Delaware County FEMA Disaster Declaration Notice

Good morning everyone,

 Following the tornadoes from March 14th, FEMA has issued a Major Disaster Declaration for Delaware County. This will make available funding to support homeowners, renters, and businessowners who sustained losses from that storm. Individuals and businessowners may begin applying for assistance by calling 1-800-621-3362 or by registering online at https://disasterassistance.gov/. More information on this process can be found on the attached flyer, and we will provide additional information as we receive it both via email and over our social media feed. Please help us get this information out. We have also been tasked by FEMA to work with Licking County EMA to find a facility that FEMA can use as a disaster recovery center; a place where people can go to meet with FEMA officials for assistance with their application process. We should have more information on this later this week once we finalize logistics.


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