January 10, 2018

January 10, 2018 

The Harlem Township Trustees met in Special Session at the Firehouse. 

Trustees Present: David Jackson, Jerry Paul and Bob Singer. 

Fiscal Officer Present 

Public Present: Dale Fling and Mike Meeks 

Mr. Paul called the meeting to order. The minutes of January 3rd, 2018 were approved as sent. Mr. Jackson moved to approve said minutes. Motion seconded by Mr. Singer. Motion Passed. 

Mr. Paul opened the public hearing for re-zoning application as per advertised notice. 

Mr. Jackson read the request to rezone 3.991 acres from Current Zoning, AR-1 Agricultural Residential to FR-1 Single Family Residential from Timothy P. Rannebarger, 2818 Minerva Road, Columbus, Ohio 43231, Daniel Rannebarger, 324 Josaphat Way, Columbus, Ohio 43213, and Sarah Rannebarger, 6875 Winchester Lake Blvd., Canal Winchester, Ohio 43110 

Physical address for the property is 14861 Woodtown Road, Sunbury, Ohio 43074. After Mr. Jackson read the recommendation of The Harlem Township Zoning Board and the DCRP. There was nobody present against proposal. Mr. Jackson confirmed it was properly advertised. Mr. Singer made a motion to approve the Application with the conditions stated in the Zoning Commission’s recommendation to the Board; motion was seconded by Mr. Paul. Roll call vote was held Mr. Singer Aye, Mr. Paul Aye, and Mr. Jackson Abstain (past business with property owner). Motion Passed. There will be 30 days before it takes effect or a resident's right of referendum. 

The Board discussed the option of audio recording of meeting. At this time they do not wish to begin audio recordings of proceedings. But the Board will reevaluate this possibility in the future. A letter outlining the discussion points and decision will be drafted and sent to the Zoning Commission and the Board of Zoning Appeals. The letter will be on file in the Fiscal Officer’s Office. 

The Board had discussion regarding the township website and the need to make adjustments and enhancements, as well as timely updates to the information on the website. Mr. Paul will contact Webvantage to discuss further questions. 

Mr. Jackson presented the Board with his Crop Rent agreement for Township property on St. Rt. 605 and rent check. 

The Board is being asked, by Troy Hendren, Monroe Township Trustee, to send a letter to the County Engineer with regard to the intersection at County Line Road and Center Village Road to express concerns of the safety at the intersection, and encourage improvements. The Board agreed. 

Mr. Jackson spoke to Roger Neibarger regarding the Grange. After further review of the restroom facility, they will not be able to move forward with the upgrades. 

A question has been brought to the Board regarding acreage fees and if they can be returned. Mr. Paul made the motion that acreage fees for rezoning applications will be returned to the applicant(s) as long as it is prior to Board’s hearing. However, if it comes to the Board and is denied, then it is at the Board of Trustee’s discretion if it will be refunded/returned, or not. Motion was seconded by Mr. Singer. Motion Passed. 

Mr. Jackson announced that the OPWC for Trenton Road was not looking promising. Currently he has a bid from the Delaware County Engineer’s Office 2018 Road Improvement Program for improvements to Adams, Ivy Ridge, North, Rich, Overbrook, Thornbrook, Trenton, Brookview, Green Cook, Robins, Gorsuch for $107,201.51. Mr. Singer made the motion to accept bid from Delaware County’s Engineer 2018 Road Improvement Program for $107,201.51. Motion was seconded by Mr. Paul. Resolution# 18 01 10 T1 

The Board and Fiscal Officer will be researching other Banks for the Certificates of Deposit to see if better interest rates can be obtained. 

The Board discussed approaching a landowner adjacent to Fancher Road Cemetery to ascertain the possibility of obtaining additional property to increase the size of the cemetery. 

Being no further business Mr. Singer made a motion to adjourn. Mr. Jackson seconded motion. Motion passed. 8:43 p.m. 


Vice President 


Fiscal Officer