January 16, 2019

January 16, 2019 

The Harlem Township Trustees met in regular session at the Firehouse. 

Trustees Present: Jerry Paul and Bob Singer. 

Trustee Absent: David Jackson 

Fiscal Officer Present 

Public Present: Dale Fling, Jon Trainer, Raelene Meadows, Tom Nied, Abby Crisp, Joni Manson and Cindy Rose. 

Mr. Singer called the meeting to order. The minutes of January 2nd, 2019 were approved as sent. Mr. Paul moved to approve said minutes. Motion seconded by Mr. Singer. Motion Passed. 

The Fiscal Officer presented the bills and certified that the amounts were available in the respective accounts to pay said bills. Starting with warrant #10722 and ending in warrant #10745, and Voucher #1-2019 and ending #3-2019, Totals $82,504.11. Mr. Paul made a motion to pay said bills. Motion was seconded by Mr. Singer. Motion Passed. 


Jon Trainer presented the Board with an update of properties he has followed up on. 


Mr. Fling announced that Bart Walker ordered salt to replenish the bin. 

Mr. Fling gave the Board the response that was received from the County regarding the Request for Engineering Assistance for the Green Cook and Fancher Road stop sign. The Board will review the options. 

Mr. Singer announced that the OPWC for Montgomery Road was not looking promising. Mr. Paul read the bid from the Delaware County Engineer’s Office 2019 Road Improvement Program for improvements to Gorsuch, Covan, and Hatch, for $132,590.48. Mr. Singer made the motion to accept bid from Delaware County’s Engineer 2019 Road Improvement Program for $132,590.48. Motion was seconded by Mr. Paul. Resolution # 19-01-16-T2 

FIRE DEPARTMENT: Fire: 11 EMS: 19 Total: 30 

Chief Fling announced that the Medical Director agreement is signed and in place. 

Chief Fling announced that Target Solutions for training is active since the 1st of the year. 

He also handed out to the Board the revised pay scale for 2019. 


A motion was made by Mr. Paul to approve Permanent Appropriations for 2019 with the following totals. Summary: 

Fund: Total appropriation: 

General Fund $ 1,074,950.00 

Motor Vehicle License Tax $ 29,000.00 

Gasoline Tax $ 98,000.00 

Cemetery $ 156,000.00 

Fire District $ 1,919,000.00 

Permissive License Plate Tax $ 104,000.00 

Street Lighting $ 3,700.00 


Complete fund appropriations listing are available upon request to the Fiscal Officer. Julie R. Debolt, Fiscal Officer. Motion was seconded by Mr. Singer. Roll call vote: Mr. Paul, Aye; Mr. Jackson, Absent; and Mr. Singer, Aye. Motion Passed. Resolution #19-01-16-T1 

Mr. Fling presented the Board with a letter clarifying the attendance process for the Review Team. The Board requested to send to them for review. 

Mr. Fling will be preparing a letter to the Jefferson Health Plan for refund of excess funds in their possession for 2017 Run-Out Claims, at the direction of legal counsel. 

The documents for the ice rink have been received and the ice rink is in working order. 

Delaware County Soil and Water will be holding an informational meeting on a Ditch Petition on January 28th. 

Mr. Fling stated that the Prosecutor’s Office has recommended an updated Credit Card Policy to align with recent legal changes. The Board would like to adopt a revised policy with the Department heads having control of their issued card(s). The policy will be prepared for the February meeting. 

Mr. Singer would like the Board to decide on a fee for the rental of the ballfield(s). 

Mr. Singer received from Vicki Tieche that she would like to pass over the school memorial funds to the Township or Park Commission to continue. The Board will determine this once a commission is in place to determine who will handle. 

Mr. Singer voiced his concerns regarding having the Grange used during the winter months. He feels it is not cost effective to have parking lot plowed, heating the building, the cleaning and safety, is worth moving regular meetings of organizations to the Grange. Mr. Paul concurred. The Board agreed during the winter months, the meeting room in the Fire House will be used, unless there are conflicts in the schedule. 

Mr. Singer is working on the Township newsletter, in hopes to send out in February. The Board discussed, with the public’s input, topics to address in the mailing to include: History, Park, Fire Department, Zoning, Maintenance, and meeting dates. They would like to have some pictures in the areas mentioned. Mr. Paul would like it called News and Notes to maybe catch the resident’s attention. Vicki Tieche has informed Mr. Singer she is willing to help prepare the mailing. Mr. Singer would like all the articles to him by the end of the month. 

Tom Nied, resident, questioned the zoning fees. The Board is asking for a recommendation from the Zoning Commission and/or Zoning Inspector what they feel it should be. 

Being no further business Mr. Paul made a motion to adjourn. Mr. Singer seconded motion. Motion passed. 8:25 pm. 


Vice President 


Fiscal Officer