January 24, 2018

January 24, 2018 

The Harlem Township Trustees met in regular session at the Firehouse. 

Trustees Present: David Jackson, Jerry Paul and Bob Singer. 

Fiscal Officer Present 

Public Present: Susi Perry, Kevin Perry, Carl Richison, Diane Kabler, Mike Kabler, Brittany Bowers, Jim Sommerfeld, Jeff Barr, Jim Gehrig, Herman Berk Jr., Juanita Berk, Ken Buell, Roger Neibarger, Robin Lobenstein, Raelene Meadows, Dave Mink, Laura Mink, Tom Nied, and Joni Manson. 

Mr. Paul called the meeting to order. The minutes of January 10th, 2018 were approved as sent. Mr. Singer moved to approve said minutes. Motion seconded by Mr. Jackson. Motion Passed. 

The Fiscal Officer presented the bills and certified that the amounts were available in the respective accounts to pay said bills. Starting with warrant #10273 and ending in warrant #10304, and Voucher #1-2018 and ending #3-2018, Totals $84,429.60. Mr. Singer made a motion to pay said bills. Motion was seconded by Mr. Jackson. Motion Passed. 

Diane Kabler provided a list of Resident addresses that she would like to have the Zoning Inspector take action on for the upkeep on their property. The Board will have the Interim Zoning Inspector follow up on the properties. 

Roger Neibarger gave the Board the Harlem Township Heritage schedule of events for 2018. 

Mr. Neibarger also requested permission of the Board to allow the Harlem Township Heritage group to have a Trunk or Treat with possibly a contest and/or parade, at the park this coming fall. The Board granted permission of this event. 

The Grange updates are scheduled to be finished February 10th, after that time the Grange will be suitable to start renting. They were going to contact Habitat for Humanity to see if they want the cabinets that are being removed unless the Board disagrees. Mr. Neibarger is working on a stainless steel stove to be donated for Grange as well. The Board agreed to both items. 

Mr. Jason Gloeckner from Board of Zoning Appeals requested for Zoning Inspector to follow-up on a Conditional Use permit that was issued last year to make sure conditions have been met. 


Mr. Jackson made motion for Conditional Hire for Employment for Full Time FF/EMT-P to Shea Schuette. Motion was seconded by Mr. Singer. Roll Call Vote was held; Mr. Singer, Aye; Mr. Paul, Aye; Mr. Jackson, Aye. Motion Passed. 


Mr. Bart Walker would like to stock bin of clean #8 gravel for dust control this summer. He has received a price of $32 per ton from Mid-Ohio Paving. He would be looking at 275-300 tons. The Board is requesting him to get more prices. 

Mr. Walker has taken delivery on 73.29 tons of salt this winter. 

Mr. Walker provided the Board with three mower quotes from Voss Brother, Buckeye Power and John Deere. His recommendation to the Board is Buckeye Power. Mr. Singer made the motion to purchase two mowers from Buckeye Power for $8,648 which includes a credit for the trade in on the current mowers. Motion was seconded by Mr. Jackson. Motion Passed. Resolution #18 01 24 T3 


Mike Kabler requests that the Board have the Zoning Inspector follow up on the two PCD permits issued on Fancher Road, to make sure no changes have taken place. Changes are not to be made for these districts unless approved by the Zoning Commission. 

The Harlem Township Trustees are being asked to consider the following: John D. McCann, 11470 Fancher Road, Westerville, Ohio 43082, is seeking to rezone 13.28 acres from Current Zoning, AR-1 Agricultural Residential to a PCD Planned Commercial District. There is no physical address for the property. Parcel ID # 316-330-010-990-01. Mr. Jackson made a motion to accept the Rezone Application. The hearing will be held on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 7:15 p.m. at the Harlem Township Firehouse, 3883 South State Route 605, Galena, Ohio 43021. The hearing is open to the public. The application and accompanying documents are on display at the rear door of the Harlem Township Firehouse, 3883 South State Route 605, Galena, Ohio 43021. Mr. Singer seconded the motion. Motion Passed. 

Residents were present to voice their concerns on the PCD Planned Commercial District. 

Joni Manson would like the Board to be proactive and have Planned Commercial Districts and Conditional Use permits followed up on prior to complaints submitted. 


There was an inquiry from Adam Montemarand to rent the baseball field on Mondays and Tuesdays from 5:30-8:30 from April 2-August 15. Mr. Singer made motion to allow this rental of the West field only from April 2-August 15 provided they submit a certificate of Insurance to the Township. Motion was seconded by Mr. Jackson. Motion Passed. 

Mr. Carl Richison asked the Boards permission to replace the lumber on the bleachers at the park. The Board agreed it should be done. 

Mr. Paul has contacted the Church of the Saviour on Fancher Road, to inquire if the church would be interested in selling any property bordering the Fancher Road cemetery to increase the size of the cemetery. The Church officials will discuss the idea at their upcoming March meeting. 

Mr. Singer will be the Trustee in charge of rental of the Townships public facilities. 

Mr. Jackson received the mileage report from the State. The report has 23.785 for Township Roads to be certified. Mr. Jackson made motion to approve this report as it is. Mr. Singer seconded the motion. Motion Passed. 

Mr. Jackson made a motion to purchase 50 chairs at a cost of $5 each from Roger Neibarger’s employer. Motion was seconded by Mr. Singer. Motion Passed. 

A motion made by Mr. Singer to approve Permanent Appropriations for 2018 with the following totals. Summary: 

Fund: Total appropriation: 

General Fund $ 853,000.00 

Motor Vehicle License Tax $ 29,000.00 

Gasoline Tax $ 85,000.00 

Cemetery $ 153,225.00 

Street Lighting $ 3,700.00 

Fire District $ 1,720,500.00 

Permissive License Plate Tax $ 104,000.00 


Complete fund appropriations listing are available upon request to the Fiscal Officer. Julie R. Debolt, Fiscal Officer. Motion was seconded by Mr. Jackson. Roll call vote: Mr. Paul, Aye; Mr. Jackson, Aye; and Mr. Singer, Aye. Motion Passed. Resolution #18 01 24 T2 

Mrs. Debolt researched other Certificate of Deposit options. Her recommendation is to stay with First Commonwealth for 12 month at .75%. The Board agreed but would like to consider other options as Certificate of Deposit’s mature. 

Being no further business Mr. Singer made a motion to adjourn. Mr. Jackson seconded motion. Motion passed. 8:25 pm. 


Vice President 


Fiscal Officer