March 26, 2019

March 26, 2019 

The Harlem Township Trustees met in Special Session at the Firehouse. 

Trustees Present: Bob Singer, David Jackson, and Jerry Paul. 

Public Present: Jon Trainer and Dale Fling 

Mr. Singer called the meeting to order at 4:00pm. 

Mr. Singer opened the discussion with regard to the pending appointment of a new Zoning Inspector. The Board had recently solicited for interested parties for an Assistant Zoning Inspector. Whereas our situation has changed with the recent announcement from Mr. Trainer that he will leaving the position of Zoning Inspector, the Board now plans to move forward with the appointment of a Zoning Inspector and abandon the pursuit of an Assistant Inspector. 

It was the consensus of the Board to make revisions to the job description, create a job application including the requirement of a background check, and establish a salary range for the position. After lengthy discussion with input from the Board, Operations Director, and outgoing Zoning Inspector; the Board instructed Mr. Fling to draft documents to encompass the conditions and requirements discussed, to be reviewed and approved by the Board at a future date, with a priority emphasis as the position needs filled as soon as possible. 

There have been a number of individuals that have expressed interest in the Assistant Inspector position. However, as our situation has changed; the Board instructed Mr. Fling to contact those individuals to ascertain their interest in the Zoning Inspector position. 

Fire Department: Emergency runs-to-date: Fire: 51 EMS: 80 Total: 131 

Chief Fling presented statistical data to the Board from 2018 regarding incident response, personnel healthcare cost breakdown and new build construction activity. 

Chief Fling presented the Board with a letter from Lt. Neja announcing his retirement from the department after 27 years of service, effective March 31, 2019. The Board asked Mr. Fling to write a thank you letter for his service on behalf of the Board. A commemorative Fire Axe will be presented to Lt. Neja, by the Board at a future meeting. 

Chief Fling presented the Board with a quote for equipment and services to move from our current cell service provider with Sprint to the new nationwide public safety broadband system of FirstNet through A.T. & T. The quote included $ 271.95 in start-up equipment purchase with a monthly service fee of $ 188.95, which is approximately $ 80.00 per month less than our current monthly charges. After discussion, Mr. Paul made a motion to move our cell service to First Net, seconded by Mr. Jackson. Motion passed. 

Chief Fling presented a quote for two portable battery powered work lights in the amount of $ 844.15 from Home Depot. After discussion, Mr. Jackson moved to approve the purchase, Mr. Paul seconded the motion. Motion passed. 

Chief Fling presented quotes from three vendors for replacement fire hose. This purchase was a planned expense for 2019. The lowest price for the items quoted was received from Finley Fire Equipment in the amount of $ 8245.00. After discussion, Mr. Jackson moved to approve the purchase, seconded by Mr. Paul. Motion passed. 

Chief Fling gave an update to the Board regarding EMS operations. The County Commissioners have established a Board of Directors, consisting of providers throughout the county, to work cooperatively to provide oversight in the operations, quality, planning and interoperability in the provision of EMS services throughout Delaware County. Chief Fling will be participating in this newly created Board of Directors and an inaugural meeting is planned for early next month. 

Operations Director: 

Mr. Fling advised the Board that a second informational meeting for a possible ditch petition for the Crabill watershed will take place at the township hall on April 9, 2019 at 7:00pm. 

Mr. Fling advised the Board that the Township has been informed of a potential settlement offer for the on-going litigation with Jefferson Health Plan by our legal counsel. Mr. Fling will keep the Board up to date and provide document(s) for approval should the offer be established. 

We have received a draft of the Scope of Work for the parking lot repaving project and the Board has reviewed. With no objections, the Scope of Work will be signed and returned to IAP Government Services to prepare for bidding of the project. 

Mr. Fling discussed the repairs/sealing of the walking track at the park with Mr. Walker. The consensus was that sealing the track is likely not a good investment as it really requires receiving a new coat of pavement due to its age and deterioration. The Board agreed that his project should be placed in the planning for perhaps the 2020 improvements budget. 

Mr. Fling provided the Board with a map of the driveway placement in the Barnhard addition at the Fancher Cemetery. A map was also provided to Mr. Walker. Mr. Walker plans to prepare an estimate of costs to place the new drives. Mr. Fling will endeavor to obtain a scaled map so that the measurements are accurate to place the drives as the gravesite locations have previously been mapped for the addition. 

Being no further business Mr. Paul made a motion to adjourn at 6:20pm. Mr. Jackson seconded motion. Motion passed. 


Vice President 


Fiscal Officer 

Respectfully submitted by Operations Director Dale Fling, in the absence of Fiscal Officer Julie Debolt.