April 17, 2019

Harlem Township Trustee 
Meeting Minutes

April 17, 2019

The Harlem Township Trustees met in regular session at the Firehouse.

Trustees Present: David Jackson, Jerry Paul and Bob Singer. Fiscal Officer Present.

Public Present: Raelene Meadows, Dale Fling, Diane and Mike Kabler, Abby Crisp, Christy Nash, Michelle Soloman and Dustin Cline, Ed Valeska, Carl Richison, Roger Neibarger, and Joni Manson.

Mr. Singer called the meeting to order. The minutes of March 20, 2019 were approved as sent. Mr. Jackson moved to approve said minutes. Motion seconded by Mr. Paul. Motion Passed. The minutes of special meeting March 26, 2019 were approved as sent. Mr. Paul moved to approve said minutes. Motion seconded by Mr. Jackson. Motion Passed. The minutes of special meeting April 10, 2019 were approved as sent. Mr. Paul moved to approve said minutes. Motion seconded by Mr. Jackson. Motion Passed.

Fiscal Officer presented the bills and certified that the amounts were available in the respective accounts to pay said bills. Starting with warrant #10827 and ending in warrant #10864, and Voucher #16-2019 and ending #20-2019, Totals $125,251.22. Mr. Jackson made a motion to pay said bills. Motion was seconded by Mr. Paul. Motion Passed.

Fiscal Officer requested a transfer of $3,000 from 1000-110-599 Other Expenses to 1000-910-910 Transfers – Out. Mr. Jackson made a motion to transfer $3,000 from 1000-110-599 to 1000-910910. Motion was seconded by Mr. Paul. Motion Passed. Resolution # 19 04 17 T6.

Abby Crisp with the Health District reported May 8 is the Age Friendly Assessment at Source Point. The Health District has information on Flu Clinics, Hepatitis A, Death reports from overdose and by August hope to have the Township statistics.

Christy Nash (resident) inquired about the township having a single trash hauler. A discussion amongst the board and the public present, determined there are some who favor this and some who do not. The board stated that the topic was studied a few years ago with a recommendation from the committee, at the time, to not pursue a single hauler contract. However, the topic may need to be re-visited. No further action was taken at this time.

Ed Valeska (resident) would like to see the township property south of the firehouse not be mowed as often to allow it to be in a more natural state. Carl Richison (resident) voiced his concern if there are fireworks during the Harlem Days Festival, there would be an increased fire hazard. The board decided they will have the maintenance crew mow a bit less often to try it but if it becomes an issue they will resume as normal.

Roger Neibarger, member of Harlem Township Heritage (HTH) would like the board to consider the HTH take responsibility to keep the maintenance up at the Grange, keep cleaned inside and outside, however if something major like a roof they would come to the board. Mr. Singer asked him to submit a proposal of what they are willing to do so it would be understood by both parties. Mr. Neibarger asked if the board is still planning to expand the gravel lot at the Grange building? It has been discussed previously but nothing has been done. Mr. Paul said that it is still planned but not sure when as they are trying to install driveways at the Barnhard cemetery. The board will check with Mr. Walker to what all is needed and an estimated cost for the expansion.


Mr. Jackson is trying to contact the Delaware County Engineer’s office regarding the OPWC application for 2020 funding; whether they feel the board should submit for Montgomery Road or Gorsuch Road. He is hopeful to have detailed information and be able to make a decision at the May meeting.

FIRE DEPARTMENT: RTD: Fire: 56 EMS: 104 Total: 160.

Chief Fling announced spring hydrant maintenance and flushing is half complete and hopes to complete next weeks.


The board received a letter for request for Liquor permit to Fracasso’s Village Pizza. After discussion, the board does not feel a hearing is needed.

Mr. Jackson will contact Mr. King at the Delaware County Prosecutor’s Office to see what the board can do about public parking in the right-of-way.

Mr. Paul announced the driveways are flagged in the Barnhard addition of the Fancher Cemetery and hope the project starts soon.

Mr. Paul advised that the township received a bill for an indigent cremation. Based on ORC, the township incurs the cost of indigents but would like to get confirmation that the indigent is a resident of the township. Mr. Paul made a motion to approve paying the bill from Day Funeral Service for $850 for cremation services, to be paid once verification is completed. Motion was seconded by Mr. Jackson. Motion Passed. Mr. Paul is requesting in writing from the Day Funeral that the indigent is not to be buried and will not incur any other cost.

Mr. Paul informed the public they are considering location for the playground in the park. The ideas include east ball field or the west side inside the track. No decision was made but the board is considering and wished to hear input from the public.

Mr. Paul informed Roger Neibarger that cemetery lots that were damaged are to be cleaned up soon.

Mr. Singer asked Mr. Fling if he received estimates on an environmental assessment at the concrete plant. Mr. Fling received one estimate for $5,000 – $10,000. Mr. Singer will contact a vendor for another estimate.

Mr. Fling announced that IAP will have bids for the parking lot repaving project late next week. Once the bids are received, the board can review them and plan to award a contract for the project at the May meeting. At the township’s request, IAP will also be submitting an estimate on the walking track at the park for future consideration of repair/resurfacing for budgetary purposes in the coming year.

Mr. Singer would like to see a board member oversee each of the committees:

Mr. Jackson will oversee the Comprehensive Master Plan. Mr. Jackson made a motion to request Scott Sanders with Regional Planning to prepare proposal for his services. Mr. Paul seconded the motion. Motion Passed.

Mr. Singer will continue to follow the sewer plans in the south side of the township.

Mr. Paul will oversee the Park Advisory Committee.

Mr. Singer will oversee the Strategic Planning Committee.

Executive Session was requested by Mr. Singer. Mr. Jackson made motion for Executive Session to discuss Personnel Matters concerning Zoning Inspector position. Motion was seconded by Mr. Paul. A Roll Call was held; Singer, Aye; Paul, Aye; and Jackson, Aye. Motion Passed. Invited to stay was Jon Trainer and Julie Debolt.

Mr. Paul made a motion to come out of Executive Session. Motion was seconded by Mr. Jackson. A Roll Call was held; Singer, Aye; Paul, Aye; and Jackson, Aye: Motion Passed.

The board discussed hiring Wallace Creative, LLC to redesign the Township website at a one-time fee of $1,250. This would require a new website hosting company at a yearly cost of $216. Mr. Paul made the motion to hire Wallace Creative, LLC for a price not to exceed $1,500. Motion was seconded by Mr. Jackson. Motion Passed. The board instructed Mr. Fling to speak with the company first to confirm all emails, webmail, etc. will be able to integrate into the new hosting service.

Being no further business Mr. Jackson made a motion to adjourn. Mr. Paul seconded motion. Motion passed. 8:55 p.m.

Vice President 
Fiscal Officer