September 19, 2018

September 19, 2018 

The Harlem Township Trustees met in regular session at the Firehouse. 

Trustees Present: Jerry Paul, David Jackson and Bob Singer. 

Fiscal Officer Present 

Public Present: Dale Fling, Carl Richison, Vicki Tieche, Abby Crisp, Raelene Meadows, Jason Gloeckner, Joni Manson, David Merryman, Jennifer Otteson, and Bob Haney. 

Mr. Paul called the meeting to order. The minutes of August 15th, 2018 were approved as sent. Mr. Singer moved to approve said minutes. Motion seconded by Mr. Jackson. Motion Passed. 

The Fiscal Officer presented the bills and certified that the amounts were available in the respective accounts to pay said bills. Starting with warrant #10575 and ending in warrant #10609, and Voucher 40-2018 and ending #44-2018, Totals $138,329.72. Mr. Jackson made a motion to pay said bills. Motion was seconded by Mr. Singer. Motion Passed. 

Mr. Paul made a Resolution accepting the amounts and rates as determined by the Budget Commission and authorizing the necessary tax levies and certifying them at the County Auditor and be it further resolved, that the Fiscal Officer of the Board be and she is hereby directed to certify copy of this resolution to the Delaware County Auditor. Mr. Jackson seconded the Resolution and a roll call vote was held, Singer Aye, Paul Aye, and Jackson Aye. Resolution passed this 19th day of September 2018. Resolution #18 09 19 T18 

The Fiscal Officer requested a transfer of $900 from fund 1000-110-599 General Other Misc to fund 1000-310-351 General Electricity. Mr. Jackson moved to approve $900 transfer. Motion seconded by Mr. Singer. Motion Passed. Resolution #18 09 19 T19 

Fiscal Officer advised she completed a transfer of $15,000 from 2191-220-323 (Fire) Repairs and Maintenance to 2191-220-319 (Fire) Other –Professional and Technical Services. 

The Board received a letter of resignation from Roger Neibarger, from his position on Harlem Township Board of Zoning Appeals. Mr. Jackson made motion at accept Mr. Neibarger’s resignation from the Harlem Township Board of Zoning Appeals. Motion was seconded by Mr. Singer. Motion Passed. The Board requested Mr. Fling send a thank you letter for his service to the Township. 

The Board of Trustees received a letter of interest from Carl Richison for the open position on the Board of Zoning Appeals. Jason Gloeckner, Chair-person of the Board of Zoning Appeals, informed the Board that the other appointed members are not interested in a vice-chair position at this time, and the current alternate to the Board is not currently prepared to move up to regular Board member. His recommendation is to appoint Carl Richison to replace Mr. Neibarger. After discussion, Mr. Jackson made motion to appoint Carl Richison to Board of Zoning Appeals for the remainder of Roger Neibarger’s term, through December 31, 2020. Motion was seconded by Mr. Singer. Motion Passed. 

Vicki Tieche wanted to thank the Board for allowing Harlem Days to take place at the Township park and look forward to doing it again; if they allow it on August 17th and 18th. Also would like to say thanks to whoever repaired the bulletin board at the park. 

David Merryman, resident, brought to the board a drainage complaint on Gorsuch Road. He has spoken to Mr. Walker but he didn’t feel that the Township can do anything. Bob Haney, resident, was in attendance with the same complaint on Gorsuch Road. After much discussion, the Board will meet the residents at the location to assess the situation and determine if there is anything within the Board’s authority to alleviate the problem. Mr. Merryman gave the Board pictures of the situation. 

Raelene Meadows expressed concerns about bicyclist activity within the township; on roadways, their disregard for traffic laws and intrusion onto private property. The Board suggested she follow up with law enforcement for these complaints as the Board feels they lack any authority to be of particular assistance. 

Abby Crisp with Delaware Health District was present and will be in contact with residents with drainage issue to help take care of mosquitos. She also informed the Board that the trail counters have been installed at park. The Health Department is doing an E-cigarettes campaign for the youth currently. 

Mr. Singer announced that Mike Kabler is requesting the Board to approve replacing a dead tree at the park. Mr. Singer made the motion to replace the dead tree at the park not to exceed $125. Motion was seconded by Mr. Jackson. Motion Passed. 

Joni Manson informed the Board that they will be working with Scott Sanders with Delaware County Regional Planning Commission to update and reformat the Zoning Resolution. 


International Dump Truck is not running correctly. Mr. Walker can either take down to International but would rather see if Decker can come to evaluate on site. The Board felt he should call Decker. 

There are a few trees at Hunt cemetery that need to be cut down. Mr. Walker received a quote from Hardwick for $3,000 which includes Hauling wood away. The Board will make a decision at the next meeting. 

FIRE DEPARTMENT: RTD: Fire 124 EMS 246 Totals 370 

Chief Fling announced to the Board the Fire Department’s Current Medical Director, Dr. Leonard, has taken another position and relocating, so they are working to replace him. He is working with Ohio Health and once that is decided he will bring contract to the Board for consideration. 


Mr. Fling presented to the Board an offer, that was received by Mr. Walker, for the purchase of the old Flail Mower, declared surplus at the May Board meeting, the offer is for $2,100. Mr. Singer made motion to accept the purchase offer from Rick Barcus for the Flail Mower for $2,100. Motion was seconded by Mr. Jackson. Motion Passed. 

The Board set Beggar’s Night for Harlem Township for Wednesday, October 31, 2018 from 6-8pm. 

Mr. Paul received an inquiry for Employment position; however nothing is available at this time. 

Mr. Singer has spoken to Mike Anderson with Anderson Concrete in regards to donating the land former concrete batch plant to the Township, providing the Township takes it as is. If the Township is willing, then he would possibly complete this before the end of the year. Mr. Anderson did state that there are no hazardous materials/environmental concerns on property. After discussion, Mr. Singer made the motion to accept the potential offer of the Anderson Concrete plant, as is, as a donation. Motion was seconded by Mr. Jackson. A Roll Call was held; Singer, Aye; Paul, Aye; and Jackson, Aye: Motion Passed. Mr. Singer will follow-up with Mr. Anderson and keep the Board informed. 

Mr. Singer received a Westerville Estate complaint. He has contacted the EPA to look into the issue. 

Mr. Fling has spoken to Doug Riedel, with Delaware County Engineers office, for contractors for the parking lot. Mr. Fling will seek engineering and bid preparation quotes for the Board’s consideration at a future date, with the hopes to bid the project after the first of the year for work to commence in the spring/summer of 2019. 

The rear parking lot lights are in the process of getting replaced with new LED fixtures, as some are not working. 

Executive Session was requested by Dale Fling. Mr. Jackson made motion for Executive Session to discuss Fire Employment Personnel Matters. Motion was seconded by Mr. Singer. A Roll Call was held; Singer, Aye; Paul, Aye; and Jackson, Aye. Motion Passed. Invited to stay was Julie Debolt. 

Mr. Singer made a motion to come out of Executive Session. Motion was seconded by Mr. Jackson. A Roll Call was held; Singer, Aye; Paul, Aye; and Jackson, Aye: Motion Passed. 

Being no further business Mr. Singer made a motion to recess the meeting to Thursday September 20th at 6:00pm on Gorsuch Road. Mr. Jackson seconded motion. Motion passed. 8:52 pm. 

September 20, 2018 

Trustees Present: David Jackson, Jerry Paul, and Bob Singer 

Public Present: David Merryman, Bob Haney, Jennifer Otteson, and Larry Dore 

At this time Mr. Paul reconvened the meeting recessed from September 19, 2018 at 6:00pm. 

The Trustees discussed possible solutions to the drainage issue on Gorsuch Road. They felt first course of action might be to install a 12” pipe under the road. Mr. Paul and Larry Dore plan to return with a laser level to check ground slope. 

Being no further business Mr. Singer made a motion to adjourn. Mr. Jackson seconded motion. Motion passed. 6:47 pm. 


Vice President 


Fiscal Officer