December 19, 2018

December 19, 2018 

The Harlem Township Trustees met in regular session at the Firehouse. 

Trustees Present: David Jackson, Jerry Paul, and Bob Singer. 

Fiscal Officer Present 

Public Present: Jon Trainer, Dale Fling, Mark and Carmela Jordan, Roger Neibarger, Shelia Hiddleson, Abby Crisp, Belinda Mortensen, Joni Manson, Doug Riedel, Carl Richison, Ed Valeska, Vicki Tieche, Chuck and Karen Bachman, Rick Garrabrant, Tom Nied, Valerie Pedersen, and Bart Walker. 

Mr. Paul called the meeting to order. The minutes of November 21st, 2018 were approved as sent. Mr. Singer moved to approve said minutes. Motion seconded by Mr. Jackson. Motion Passed. 

The Fiscal Officer presented the bills and certified that the amounts were available in the respective accounts to pay said bills. Starting with warrant #10683 and ending in voucher #10720, and Voucher #56-2018 and ending #61-2018, Totals $122,256.46. Mr. Jackson made a motion to pay said bills. Motion was seconded by Mr. Singer. Motion Passed. 

Mr. Paul has been requested by resident Mike Conkle, resident, to install a flashing stop sign at the intersection of Green Cook Road and Fancher Road. Mr. Jackson made a motion to submit Request for Engineering Assistance to ask for traffic study of Green Cook Road and Fancher Road to determine if intersection warrants stop signs with flashing borders. Motion was seconded by Mr. Singer. Motion Passed. 

Mrs. Hiddleson with the Health District reported the Community Health Improvement Plan is on Friday January 18, all are welcome. The Health District will have a satellite office opening in Sunbury in March. Abby Crisp also gave the Board a copy of the article that was written on the Fitness station by the Creative Healthy Fitness grant. She will follow-up with the trail counters data from the Township park at a later date. 

Doug Riedel, with Delaware County Engineer’s office, provided the Board with a copy of the presentation that was given at the Annual Township meeting. He also provided them a study that was completed regarding the County’s recommendation for speed signs on curves that included the approximate cost to have installed if the Board wishes to do so. Mr. Riedel also requested that if the Township wants any grader patch done for 2019 to submit a REA (Request Engineer Assistance) to the engineer’s office so they have idea of location(s) being requested. 

At this time, Mr. Paul announced the Trustees will recess the regular portion of the business meeting to hold the hearing for rezone applications from Mark and Carmela Jordan, 3736 Dolomite Drive, Gahanna, Ohio 43230, is seeking to rezone 6.684 acres from Current Zoning, AR-1 Agricultural Residential to FR-1 Farm Residential. . There is no physical address for the property. The property is located on the southwest corner of Robins Road at County Line Road, Parcel ID # 316-440-01-001-001. After Mr. Jackson read the recommendation of The Harlem Township Zoning Commission and the DCRP. Mr. Paul asked if there was anyone present against the proposal. There was nobody present against proposal. Land owners were present and the Board asked, if there were any questions. Mr. Jackson confirmed this was properly advertised. Mr. Singer made a motion to approve the Application HTZC 18-02; motion was seconded by Mr. Jackson. Roll call vote was held Mr. Singer Aye, Mr. Paul Aye, and Mr. Jackson Aye. Motion Passed. The Applicant was advised there will be 30 days before it takes effect for a resident's right of referendum. 


Jon Trainer presented the Board with an update of properties he has followed up on. The Board has directed him to give a deadline of January 16 to the property owner at 3669 State Route 605, to comply with clean up or they will commence the next step legally to have it done. He will continue to work on the zoning enforcements that have not been complying. 

Joni Manson informed the Board they are working on a couple PCD’s and are still reformatting zoning language. 


Bart Walker announced they replaced the existing 8” tile and added a 12” culvert to improve drainage at 11719 Gorsuch Road. 

Carl Richison, resident, requested the grange roof be inspected on the west side towards front as possible whole in roof. Tom Neid, resident, also requested the northwest area of the Grange parking lot be inspected for a hole near the stream to be repaired. 

FIRE DEPARTMENT: RTD: Fire 168 EMS 344 Totals 512 

Chief Fling is asking the Board’s approval of using Target Solutions for online training at the cost of $2,030, for 2019. Mr. Singer made motion to approve $2,030 to Target Solutions for software and Licenses. Motion was seconded by Mr. Jackson. Motion Passed. 

Chief Fling also is requesting the Board’s approval of a service contract with Physio Control for the Heart Monitors and Lucas device for $5,076. Mr. Jackson made motion to approve $5,076 to be paid for the Heart Monitor and Lucas device. Motion was seconded by Mr. Singer. Motion Passed. 

Chief Fling received the finalized contract for the Medical Director for 2019. Once he reviews and confirms it is accurate he will sign. He hopes to have implemented near the beginning of the year. 

Chief Fling is possibly moving the cell service to FirstNet, which has a higher priority for disaster situations. The Department has tested a trial device and so far has been good and sometimes better than the current provider. If qualified for the plan, he will discuss moving the Maintenance department phones to the plan as well. This switch of provider will occur sometime after the first of the year, if it is so determined. 


Roger Neibarger, resident, voiced his complaint to the Board regarding a burial that resulted in chipping the headstone of his relative, and how the cemetery was not cleaned up to date. He feels it is very disrespectful and would like to Board to take action to fix it. Mr. Paul apologized on behalf of the Board and will follow up with Scott Schmidt to see when the situation will be remedied and will contact Mr. Neibarger, to follow up. 

Vicki Tieche, resident, would like to see the wording for the Conditions of Use be changed to reserve the meeting room in the Township Hall. Currently it states that you cannot book more than three dates unless approved by the Board. She feels for the organizations that meet all year, should be able to reserve the dates on an annual basis. The Board agrees the agreement needs to be updated and will discuss further at the organization meeting. 

The Ice Rink is set to be installed next week. Ms. Tieche is working with Dean Lewis to submit paperwork that the Township needs before it can be used. 

Mr. Trainer inquired from the Board, for clarity on Review team meetings for Zoning applicants. After discussion, the Board directed Mr. Trainer that the review team meetings may still be utilized as outlined in the Zoning Resolution. However, any “informal” preliminary meetings should not take place with members of the Commission or BZA. Any informal discussions as to the process should be limited to discussions between the applicant and the Zoning Inspector as to the process and requirements of submitting applications. It was further inquired about payment to members of either Boards are to be paid for meeting attendance. The Board stated that Review team meetings were to be included in attendance records and eligible for pay for attendance of member(s) attending and that the attendance records should be forwarded to the Zoning Secretary for inclusion in annual attendance records submitted for payment to the Board. 

Mr. Nied is requested the Board allow the Harlem Heritage group to purchase a Teahouse with gliders in memory of Susie Schmidhammer to be installed at the park. They are asking for the Board to provide preparation of the site for the Teahouse to be placed in the park, at the expense of the Township. Location they are considering, is the Southeast corner of the park. Mr. Singer made a motion to accept the Teahouse as a donation in memory of Susie Schmidhammer from the Harlem Township Heritage with the Township donating the limestone and preparation to install the unit. Motion was seconded by Mr. Jackson. Motion Passed. 

Roger Neibarger would like to see the Board appoint a Park Commission to upkeep the park. The benches need work and the mulch needs replaced. Currently there is not a committee to maintain the items that are being donated or installed. The Board feels this would be an asset to the park to encourage usage. Currently the Board does not know if this would be by volunteers or be paid but feels something needs to be arranged. The Board agreed further exploration of developing a park commission would take place. 

Mr. Paul introduced an offer of a playground being installed at the park headed by Chuck and Karen Bachman. Mr. Bachman proposed to the Board to consider installing the playground equipment with the Township matching the funds to 50% but not to exceed $25,000. They would also ask the township to provide the building pad requirements and volunteers to install the unit that is chosen. Mr. Singer made a motion to match the donation collected towards playground equipment at 50% 

but not to exceed $25,000 with preparation and volunteers provided by the Township. Motion was seconded by Mr. Jackson. Motion Passed. 

Mr. Singer spoke to Mike Anderson in regards to the concrete plant. Mr. Anderson does not know if it will be done by the end of the year but they are hopeful the Township will receive it at some point in the near future. 

Mr. Singer has spoken with New Albany/Plain Township and Genoa Township regarding their park usage and charges. He is still gathering information to present at a later date to the Board. 

Singer is requesting the Board to discuss what they would like the Township to accomplish for 2019 to be discussed soon. 

Mr. Jackson received the Road Improvement 2019 estimate for Gorsuch ($29,280), Covan ($59,205), and Hatch ($32,051) Roads. With adding the project Contingency the grand total of these Road projects would be $132,590.48. A decision needs to be made by January 18th. Mr. Jackson would like to inquire if anything is happening with the OPWC first before the Board makes a decision. 

The Harlem Township Board of Trustees is being asked to consider the following: Jack S. Decker and Catherine G. Decker, 5501 Miller Paul Road, Westerville, Ohio 43082, is seeking to rezone 5.284 acres from Current Zoning AR-1 Agricultural Residential to FR-1 Farm Residential. There is no physical address for the property. The parcel is listed as Tract 6, Parcel ID #316-340-01-005-001 on Robins Road between 12543 Robins Road and 12681 Robins Road. Mr. Jackson made a motion to receive the Rezone Application. The hearing will be held on Wednesday, Jan 2, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. at the Harlem Township Firehouse, 3883 South State Route 605, Galena, Ohio 43021. The hearing is open to the public. The application and accompanying documents are on display at the rear door of the Harlem Township Firehouse, 3883 South State Route 605, Galena, Ohio 43021. Mr. Singer seconded the motion. Motion Passed. 

A motion made by Mr. Singer to approve Temporary Appropriations for 2019 with the following totals. Summary: 

Fund: Total appropriation: 

General Fund $ 854,400.00 

Motor Vehicle License Tax $ 17,000.00 

Gasoline Tax $ 66,000.00 

Cemetery $ 82,000.00 

Street Lighting $ 3,700.00 

Fire District $ 243,850.00 

Permissive License Plate Tax $ 72,000.00 


Complete fund appropriations listing are available upon request to the Fiscal Officer. Julie R. Debolt, Fiscal Officer. Motion was seconded by Mr. Jackson. Roll call vote: Mr. Paul, Aye; Mr. Jackson, Aye; and Mr. Singer, Aye. Motion Passed. Resolution #2018 12 19 T24 

Executive Session was requested by Dale Fling. Mr. Jackson made motion for Executive Session to discuss Personnel Matters. Motion was seconded by Mr. Singer. A Roll Call was held; Singer, Aye; Paul, Aye; and Jackson, Aye. Motion Passed. Invited to stay was Julie Debolt and Bart Walker. 

Mr. Singer made a motion to come out of Executive Session. Motion was seconded by Mr. Jackson. A Roll Call was held; Singer, Aye; Paul, Aye; and Jackson, Aye: Motion Passed. 

Being no further business Mr. Singer made a motion to adjourn. Mr. Jackson seconded motion. Motion passed. 10:08 pm. 


Vice President 


Fiscal Officer