Welcome to Harlem Township

We’re proud to be one of the 18 townships in beautiful Delaware County, Ohio.

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Harlem Township ... A community
where the natural beauty still abounds.

The history of Harlem as a township began in 1810 when it was split off from Sunbury Township. At this time, Harlem Township included either half or all of Genoa Township. In 1816, Genoa Township was set off from Harlem. This division set Harlem Township's boundaries as the original delineation of Township 3, in Range 16, of the U.S. Military District which was established by Congress on June 1, 1796--the boundaries that exist today. The first settlers in the township were the Benajah Cook family who arrived in 1807 when the area was solely occupied by Native Americans. By 1810, when our township was created, there were already about 35 families living here. This was a big change from the unbroken forests that greeted the Cook family.

Today, the rural character of this township remains in the forefront. Harlem residents enjoy relative privacy in their living conditions and minimal commercial encroachment. This is the underlying theme which characterizes our community. With the proper management, continued future development, and the emphasis on rural character, we trust that our community will continue to evolve as a premier place to call home.

Township Statistics (2009 Estimates):

Square Miles: 26.47
Acreage: 16,996.81
Current Population: 3,953 (2010)
Percentage of Land Agriculture: 59%, 73 Farms (2009)
Percentage of Land Residential: 26%

Occupations in Harlem Township, Ohio

Male: Management, Professional, And Related Occupations: 25.8%Service Occupations: 11.3%Sales And Office Occupations: 12.7%Farming, Fishing, And Forestry Occupations 0.0%Construction, Extraction, And Maintenance Occupations: 28.8%

Female: Management, Professional, And Related Occupations: 35.2%Service Occupations: 20.9%Sales And Office Occupations: 34.6%Farming, Fishing, And Forestry Occupations 0.0%Construction, Extraction, And Maintenance Occupations: 0.7%

Median age of males: 38.5
Median age of females: 39.0
Number of residents under the age of 18 (2009) 1,409
Number of residents over the age of 65 (2009) 612