August 27, 2018

Harlem Township Zoning Commission

3883 South State Route 605

Galena, Ohio 43021

August 27, 2018

Chairman, Mike Kabler, called the August 27, 2018 Preliminary Meeting for Bryant Tree Service to order at 7:33 p.m. Mr. Kabler asked for a roll call of members.

Members Present: Joni Manson, Tom Nied, Mike Kabler, Alan Czako, Robin Lobenstein

Alternate Present: Bill Needham

Secretary: Sherrie Steele

Zoning Inspector: Not Present

Public Present: Karl Billisits, 3650 Olentangy River Road, Columbus, OH 43215

Russ Miller, 9291 West Broad Street, Galloway, OH 43119

Matt Bryant, 11602 Fancher Road, Westerville, OH 43082

Ashley Bryant, 11602 Fancher Road, Westerville, OH 43082

Mr. Kabler stated that he and Mr. Trainer met with Mr. Billisits and Mr. Miller on Friday to

discuss a possible Planned Commercial District (PCD). Mr. Kabler stated he had suggested the gentlemen attend tonight's meeting to understand the Preliminary Meeting and application

process for a Planned Commercial District.

Mr. Kabler stated Mr. Trainer would not be in attendance this evening as he was in


Mr. Kabler explained the sequence and procedures for the Preliminary Meeting.

Mr. Kabler asked Matt and Ashley Bryant to give a summary of the proposal.

Mr. Bryant stated that he and Ashley were looking to run a tree service from the property. Mr. Bryant stated they would need to park vehicles on the lot that do not fit into the building. The property is screened by trees. Mr. Bryant stated they would also like to sell fire wood. Ms.

Bryant stated they would like to add an additional building as they expand. Mr. Bryant stated they would also like to operate a saw mill.

Mr. Kabler stated the paperwork that has been presented for this Preliminary Meeting is the

same as what is submitted when an application is submitted.

Mr. Kabler stated the Commission would review the proposed development plan for Bryant

Tree Service.

The property consists of 6.741 acres parcel ID# 316-340-02-015-000, with an address of 11602 Fancher Road, Westerville, Ohio 43082.

The picture submitted with the proposed development plan indicates a shared driveway with Vaughn Precision Tools. Mr. Bryant stated the driveway is a gravel driveway of 60' and they will be asking for a divergence from the zoning regulations.

Mr. Nied stated the acreage is .002 off from what the record is showing. Mr. Nied stated that at the time of a hearing when Commission members are asked if the map and text match there will be a conflict. Ms. Bryant stated the map and text match but the deed is incorrect. Mr. Nied stated they will need to contact Delaware County to have this matter corrected before they

submit an application.

Mr. Czako asked lf the cell tower shown in the drawing Is at the back of the Schmidt property. Mr. Bryant stated that is correct.

Mr. Czako asked if the driveway is to be relocated 140' east of the current location. Mr. Bryant stated that is what they have planned.

Mr. Kabler asked the Bryants about the leach field. Mr. Bryant stated they were originally going to build a five bedroom house on the property but would incur a 30% loss of property value due to the cemetery, the cell tower and commercial property at the front of the land. Mr. Bryant stated when they considered building the house they had the leach field Installed and it has been paid for.

Mr. Nied referred to the telephone poles located near the proposed driveway. Mr. Bryant stated they may need to move the driveway due to the telephone poles.

Mr. Nied asked if the trees they remove for the business will be a part of the saw mill operation. Mr. Bryant stated there would be slabs cut for special use and the wood would be stored outside. Mr. Nied asked about saw dust disposal. Mr. Bryant stated they currently take the saw dust to Ohio Mulch.

Ms. Manson stated that all of these things that have been discussed must be in the development plan. These items must be put in the provisions. Ms. Manson stated they also need to separate what is now and what will be planned for the future use. This needs to be shown on a time table as phasing.

Mr. Nied asked if the proposed sign would be built in 2019. Mr. Bryant stated if they decide to go with a sign it would be built in 2019. At this time they are considering not installing a sign.

Mr. Kabler asked what would be done with the mulch from the tree removal. Mr. Bryant stated they are currently piling the mulch to shield the property from the cemetery. The remaining mulch will be shipped out to stables for bedding. Mr. Nied suggested they contact stables in the Township for donations for the bedding. Ms. Manson stated they will need to show the area proposed for the storage of mulch.

Ms. Manson informed the Bryan ts they will need to submit drawings of what the proposed saw mill will look like as well as the proposed second building on the property. Mr. Bryant stated the saw mill will be a pavilion style building open on one side. Mr. Kabler confirmed they will need to submit drawings and details of each of the proposed structures. Mr. Bryant stated the proposed barn would be the same as the existing building but would be smaller.

Mr. Kabler stated the plans will need to show all setbacks for all the buildings.

Mr. Nied stated they will need to show where the log splitting will be done on the plan.

Ms. Manson stated they will need to submit samples of the type of lighting proposed, as well as address noise and dust and anything that will affect the neighboring properties. Mrs. Bryant stated all lighting will be down lighting and cam lighting. There will not be any lighting facing the neighbors to the east.

Mr. Kabler stated in regards to setbacks the requirements are 30' to the rear and 25' side setbacks.

Mr. Nied stated there is an active saw mill on Stated Route 37 they may want to visit. There is a three sided barn there and logs are rolled in. There is also an active saw mill in Johnstown.

Mr. Bryant stated they may consider shrub removal and mulching in the future as part of their business. Mr. Kabler stated if they plan to add landscaping as a part of the business this needs to be shown in the plan.

Mr. Czako asked about the storage container on the property. Mr. Bryant stated the storage container is there temporarily. Ms. Manson stated the zoning resolution does not allow for permanent storage containers.

Ms. Manson referred to the hours of operation and stated they need to take out the word typically. Mr. Kabler stated they need to specify weekdays/weekends.

Mr. Nied inquired about water and low spots on the land. Mr. Bryant stated there is currently a pond on the property and they are considering making the pond larger to handle run off. Ms. Manson asked how the property currently drains. Mr. Bryant stated there is natural run off to the pond. Mr. Bryant stated that Cy Schmidt had put in drainage across the property. Mr. Bryant stated the drainage system ties into a 12" concrete tile system. Mr. Kabler stated that drainage issues are handled by Delaware County and they will need to check with them for any future buildings. Mr. Bryant stated the only drainage they will have is rain water. There are no floor drains in the buildings.

Commission members referred to the lighting on the property. Mr. Bryant stated there are two light poles on the Schmidt property. Mr. Bryant stated there is a pole on their property but it currently does not have any lighting on It. In regards to the saw mill there will be no lighting on the building as there will be only daytime operations. Commission members suggested they may want to consider motion lighting.

Ms. Manson stated she has concerns that there is no screening between the Bryant property and the Schmidt property.

Mr. Bryant stated they have purchased 7.20 acres from Mccann on the west side of the property. Mr. Bryant stated the 7.20 acres will remain residential and they will be moving into the existing house that sits on the 7.20 acres.

Mr. Czako asked if they had talked to Delaware County about a curb cut for the driveway. Mr. Nied stated they would also need to talk to the fire department to make sure the driveway meets fire code regulations.

With the two hours allotted for the Preliminary meeting nearing the end Mr. Kabler asked Mr. and Mrs. Bryant when they felt they could have the items discussed in tonight's meeting addressed and ready so they could come back before the Commission with a revised plan. Mr. Kabler explained that the fees paid for a Preliminary meeting allow a potential applicant two meeting nights.

Commission members set September 10, 2018 at 7:30 p.m. for the second Preliminary meeting. Commission members will cancel their September 10, 2018 workshop meeting.

Being nothing further, Mr. Kabler adjourned the Bryant Preliminary meeting at 9:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sherrie Steele, Secretary