September 10, 2018

Harlem Township Zoning Commission 3883 South State Route 605

Galena, Ohio 43021

September 10, 2018

Chairman, Mike Kabler, called the September 10, 2018 Preliminary meeting for Bryant Tree Service to order at 7:30 p.m. Mr. Kabler asked for a roll call of members.

Members Present: Robin Lobenstein, Joni Manson, Mike Kabler, Alan Czako, Tom Nied

Alternate Present: Bill Needham

Secretary: Sherrie Steele

Zoning Inspector: Not Present

Public Present: Russ Miller, 9291 W. Broad St., Galloway, OH

Matt Bryant, 11602 Fancher Rd., Westerville, OH

Karl Billisits, 3650 Olentangy River Rd., Suite 401, Cols., OH 43214

Mr. Kabler stated the Commission would follow the Preliminary meeting sequence procedures as stated at the first Preliminary meeting held on August 27,2018.

Mr. Bryant has provided an updated copy of the preliminary proposal. Mr. Bryant has provided a copy of the legal description for the 0.989 acres in the new proposal.

Mr. Kabler referred to the Development Plan and asked Commission members about the

acreage shown as 6.741 acres. Mr. Kabler stated the drawings show 6.739 acres which is also what is shown on the Delaware County GIS. Mr. Nied stated there is a discrepancy of .002

acres. Ms. Manson and Mr. Nied stated the site plan shows 6.74 acres. Commission members stated if Mr. Bryant decides to present an application that the acreage be shown as 6.74 acres to eliminate any confusion.

Ms. lobenstein stated that under Item 2, line 2 the word probably should be changed to


Commission members discussed Mr. Bryant remove the words (i) "Future uses of the property" from the Proposed Development Plan. Commission members suggested Mr. Bryant remove the words under landscaping "It is our goal to add landscaping services to the future of the

business. Which".

Ms. Manson referred to the landscaping section and asked if there would be chemical storage on the property. If there is to be chemical storage it needs to be stated what types of chemicals will be stored and where they will be stored. If there will be no chemicals stored on the

property that will also need to be stated.

Commission members discussed the hours need to be more specific and the hours for the

firewood processing and sales need to be indicated in the plan.

Commission members discussed that the current driveway is shared with the Schmidt property. Commission members had concerns of safety issues. Commission members stated there needs to be a written document from Schmidt to indicate Mr. Bryant has permission for use of the

shared driveway to avoid any legal matters.

Mr. Bryant stated he has a driveway but the driveway stops 10' short of the road and curves

onto the Schmidt property. Mr. Bryant stated he had talked with Chief Fling and Chief Fling is okay with the current situation.

Mr. Czako asked if the Commission could approve a Planned Commercial District (PCD) without an official driveway. Mr. Czako questioned if Delaware County Regional Planning would

approve this.

Commission members referred to Section 21.11, pages 2107-2109 in regards to the driveway. The driveway will need to be shown on the site plan. Mr. Bryant may need a divergence from the asphalt regulation to #57 gravel. Mr. Bryant was advised to check with Delaware County on curb cut specifications. Mr. Bryant will need to show the specifications of the radius of the driveway where it clears the Schmidt property.

Mr. Czako stated the plan needs to show what Mr. Bryant plans on building in the next two years. Mr. Czako stated this needs to be shown in phases. Ms. Lobenstein referred to the Planned Commercial District (PCD) page 1505 and stated the proposed barn must be built within a three year period. If the barn will not be built within the allotted three years an extension can be applied for 90 days prior to the expiration of the permit.

Commission members looked at the lighting proposal and advised Mr. Bryant to refer to the pictures for the lighting as Appendix C in the text.

Commission members discussed the parking spaces and stated Mr. Bryant needs to indicate the size of the parking spaces on the plan.

In regards to Screening, Mr. Bryant needs to show on the map the proposed trees to be planted.

In reference to the Dumpster, the plan needs to show where the dumpster currently sits but the text needs to be changed as follows: "Existing dumpster (S' x 7'} will remain on the property that is located on the west side of the property which will be used for trash produced by the business. It is typically emptied In the morning but will only be emptied during morman business hours."

Mr. Czako stated the location of the gas/fuel storage tanks need to be shown on the map.

Commission members discussed the proposed barn and stated the description in text does not match Appendix A.

Commission members discussed the Wood Burner and stated that the text and the map need to Indicate either a burner or a boiler. Mr. Bryant stated it is a wood boiler. The text will be corrected.

In regards to the Sawmill Building the text needs to refer to Appendix C.

Commission members discussed the sign and stated the sign needs to be shown on the site plan. The text currently indicates the two posts will be 6' x 8'. Mr. Bryant stated that was an error and the posts would be 4" x 4".

Under item 4, b. "Sewer, leach filed" needs to be corrected to "leach field".

Under item 5, e. Customers, the word "regulated" needs to be corrected to "required". The last sentence of this section is to be deleted.

Ms. Manson stated under item #7 the Church and the Metro Park need to be shown in the text.

Commission members stated the plan needs to show the maximum number of employees that will be working for Bryant Tree Service. The plan will need to show how many employees will work on the property and how many employees will work from the property.

Commission members discussed the wording for the vehicles and trailers and stated the wording needs to show the maximum number of parking spaces that will be required for the vehicles and trailers.

Due to the late hour Commission members will recess the September 10, 2018 Preliminary meeting to Thursday, September 13, 2018 at 7:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sherrie Steele, Secretary