October 1, 2018

Harlem Township Zoning Commission 3883 South State Route 605

Galena, Ohio 43021

October 1, 2018

Chairman, Mike Kabler, called the October 1, 2018 monthly meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. Mr. Kabler asked for a roll call of members.

Members Present: Mike Kabler, Tom Nied, Joni Manson, Alan Czako, Robin Lobenstein

Alternate Present: Bill Needham

Secretary: Sherrie Steele

Zoning Inspector: Jon Trainer

Public Present: Carmela Jordan

Mr. Kabler stated the Commission would begin tonight's meeting with the receipt of any new


Mr. Trainer stated Mark and Carmela Jordan currently live in Gahanna and have purchased

6.684 acres at the corner of Robins Road and County Line Road. The Jordan's are seeking to

rezone the property from AR-1 Agricultural Residential to FR-1 Farm Residential.

Ms. Jordan presented the original application along with 13 copies. Ms. Jordan presented the secretary with check# 1163 for$ 500.00 for the application fee and check tt 1164 for$ 835.50 for acreage fees.

Commission members assigned the application number HTZC 18-02 and set October 29, 2018 at 7:30 p.m. for the hearing.

Mr. Kabler asked it be noted application HTZC 18-01 had been withdrawn.

Mr. Trainer presented his October 1, 2018 zoning report. There have been 76 permits issued in 2018. Sixteen of those permits have been issued since August 7, 2018 which includes 9 for

accessory buildings, 4 single family residences, 2 room additions and 1 pool.

Mr. Trainer stated in regards to enforcement issues there has been some clean up of the

property at 3669 State Route 605. The property owner is trying to get the current tenant out

and some clean up has been done.

A citation was issued by the Delaware County Sheriff's department for the resident at 15777

Robins Road, Johnstown, Ohio 43031, regarding barking, howling dogs.

The property at 5180 Smothers Road was issued a letter of violation in regards to operating a

landscape business. The letter was ignored. The Delaware County Prosecutor's office has also sent a letter of violation. That letter has also been ignored. Mr. Trainer will check with the

Trustees to see what the next step is for the township.

The property at 5881 Gorsuch Road has two unlicensed motor vehicles. Mr. Trainer stopped to discuss the issue with the property owner and stated he was threatened and ordered off the


Mr. Trainer thanked the Commission and left the meeting at 8:25 p.m.

Mr. Kabler turned to the reformatting of the Zoning Resolution. Mr. Kabler stated there were inconsistencies in the formatting and when a copy of the Zoning Resolution was forwarded to Scott Sanders the inconsistencies were reproduced. Mr. Kabler stated he talked to Andrew King and was advised that if the Zoning Commission chooses to address these inconsistencies then it would be an amendment to the zoning code. Mr. Kabler stated Ms. Manson had attended the Trustees meeting to discuss the matter and the Trustees recommended the Zoning Commission go ahead and make the changes.

Commission members discussed the formatting of the PDF version of the Zoning Resolution and the Word Document and how to proceed. Mr. Kabler will talk with Mr. Sanders to see what changes he is willing to make and what changes the Commission will need to address.

Mr. Nied presented Commission members with and updated Zoning Resolution summary table. Mr. Czako asked if the document could be printed on an 11" x 17" paper for easier reviewing. Mr. Nied will submit a copy to the Secretary for printing.

Mr. Czako made a motion to adjourn. Mr. Nied seconded the motion. Mr. Kabler asked if there was any discussion on the motion. Bemg none, Mr. Kabler asked for a voice vote on the motion, all aye. The October 1, 2018 monthly meeting was adjourned at 9:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Sherrie Steele, Secretary